Video Library

    Baobab LMS is a completely new approach to micro-learning. It is all video-based and covers concepts and applications in commercial software such as Petex IPM and KAPPA workstation. This unique method allows effective learning for Petroleum Engineering wherever and whenever you need it, i.e. performance support or help at the moment of need.

    In this ”Video Library” section, information is presented in the form of a searchable, digital library (or knowledge base) – informal learning, available 24/7 on any device.

    Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out, good training is vital to your success – but how much will you remember of that one-off training course? How up to date is the information you search for online? With Baobab, there’s another way to learn.

    Network and Field Performance

    Network and field performance covers the interactions of wells and pipelines and optimisation of oil or gas flowrates subject to constraints. When linked to reservoir models, the network model becomes predictive with time allowing forecasting of production profiles, timing changes of production and injection wells etc. In this section we cover the concepts of network and integrated production systems modelling and then the application in commercial software.