Kappa Courses

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    • Introduction to Petroleum Production (1 day)

      Introduction to Petroleum Production (1 day)

      This course provides an overview of the Petroleum Industry from global energy statistics to exploration, drilling, wells and production systems. 1 day classroom equivalent.

    • Field production modelling with Rubis Plus (1 day)

      Field production modelling with Rubis Plus (1 day)

      This short, intense course covers the key concepts behind surface network modelling and forecasting using Rubis Plus (network and material balance). You will build and evaluate a new deep water oil field development by adding a network model (flowlines and riser to a separator) to an existing Rubis reservoir model. Topics include setting up wells, validating the IPR with production well tests, running sensitivities on pipeline diameter and adding system constraints. You will also evaluate the effect on recovery factor of riser gas lift. 1 day classroom equivalent course.

    • Gas lift systems modelling with Prosper (1 day)

      Gas lift systems modelling with Prosper (1 day)

      This course covers the concepts and software application of Gas Lift systems performance, equipment, design, operations and diagnosis. 1 day classroom equivalent.